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European Voices on China

G 20 in Hangzhou: China should lead the way to smart growth

25 August 2016

By Rolf J. Langhammer

Launching a new global paradigm for inclusive and sustainable growth is only possible if China agrees to lead the way. Beijing has to commit to structural reforms to increase productivity while protecting the environment, public health and the population's overall wellbeing.


Revamping the Communist Youth League – more than a power struggle

18 August 2016

By Matthias Stepan and Lea Shih

The restructuring of the Communist Party’s youth organization has been interpreted as motivated by Xi Jinping’s inner-party rivalries. But an overhaul of the organization is in the interest of the entire Party if it wants to reach a new generation.


Risk of nuclear war rises amidst regional tensions in East Asia

16 August 2016

By Hanns W. Maull

A new Cold War is developing in Asia Pacific, and nuclear weapons are set to play an increasingly important role in the strategies of both the U.S. and China. Nuclear posturing exacerbates the conventional arms race already underway in the region.


Richard McGregor on China's authoritarian future

11 August 2016

Interview with Richard McGregor

For all its problems, China is an incredibly successful country and still has a lot of growth potential, says Richard McGregor, visiting fellow at George Washington University. All gloomy scenarios about economic or political collapse have proved wrong so far. So, what if Xi Jinping succeeds in restructuring the economy and strengthening the Communist Party?

Questions: Ruth Kirchner


Beyond censorship - how China's former internet tsar shaped information control

09 August 2016

By Nabil Alsabah

In the past three years, Lu Wei became the public face of China’s internet censorship. The founding director of the Cyberspace Administration of China worked towards perfecting information control. His ultimate goal was to make censorship unnecessary by discouraging undesirable content. 


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