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European Voices on China

The pope and the party-state: an unholy union?

26 September 2016

By Johannes Buckow and Kristin Shi-Kupfer

After decades of silence between the Vatican and Beijing, Pope Francis has reached out to China’s Communist leaders to negotiate over the status of China’s party-led state church, the ordination of priests and the appointment of bishops. But many Chinese Catholics are rightfully sceptical whether their concerns will be considered.


China's whitened White Paper on human rights

21 September 2016

By George G. Chen

The Chinese government claims to have made stunning progress in improving the human rights situation in the country through reforming its judicial system. But its White Paper titled “New Progress in the Judicial Protection of Human Rights in China” is a jumble of selective statistics and unsubstantiated claims.


How to prevent a global economic crisis made in China

19 September 2016

By Rolf J. Langhammer

There is a growing risk that China will be the origin or epicenter of global economic turbulences. To prevent negative spillover effects from homemade shocks, China has to improve the quality of economic data, set more realistic targets, improve communication and rely on market signals.  


There will always be tension between China's internet companies and the Party state

15 September 2016

Interview with Kaiser Kuo (via Young China Watchers)

Kaiser Kuo sees China's powerful Internet companies on a course of collision, not collusion with the central government. In this partner post, the former international communications director of Baidu, co-host of the Sinica podcast and founder of the rock band Tang Dynasty shares his views on the future of the Chinese tech sector and on his mission to build cultural bridges between China and the US.


China's G20 wisdom: how to make the global agenda match domestic priorities

07 September 2016

By Mikko Huotari

As host of the G20 summit in Hangzhou China showed unprecedented initiative in shaping global economic governance - and to ensure that the results reflect China’s domestic economic priorities.



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