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China on Trump: between schadenfreude and uncertainty

11 November 2016

By Ruth Kirchner and Lea Shih

Donald Trump‘s election victory was met in China with a mixture of triumphalism and concern about the consequences. Trump’s win is seen as both, a victory for democracy and a symbol for the demise of the US.


Why China relies on outsiders to get the inside story

02 November 2016

By George G. Chen and Kristin Shi-Kupfer

Chinese media consumers turn to overseas Chinese language websites for political news beyond Beijing’s propaganda. China’s leaders fear these outlets for their open reporting, but many use them to test political proposals or to leak information about intra-party rivals. The complex imbroglio is a result of the lack of press freedom and the opaqueness of Chinese politics.


Learn from the West – but don’t adopt a Western lifestyle!

14 October 2016

By Simon Lang

The Chinese leadership’s campaign against Western lifestyles flies in the face of the growing number of young Chinese who study abroad or engage in youth exchanges with Western countries.


"There is a huge appetite for independent journalism"

05 October 2016

Interview with Zhang Jieping

The online platform “Initium” is one of several media start-ups in Hong Kong that defy tighter censorship and media controls in China. Within a year it has attracted more than two million regular readers although the site quickly got blocked on the mainland. Chief editor Zhang Jieping says there’s a huge appetite for independent journalism. In this new podcast she talks about how to keep up journalistic principles in a restrictive political environment.

Questions: Ruth Kirchner


The pope and the party-state: an unholy union?

26 September 2016

By Johannes Buckow and Kristin Shi-Kupfer

After decades of silence between the Vatican and Beijing, Pope Francis has reached out to China’s Communist leaders to negotiate over the status of China’s party-led state church, the ordination of priests and the appointment of bishops. But many Chinese Catholics are rightfully sceptical whether their concerns will be considered.



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