European Voices on China

Why China could be a game changer for global public health

25 April 2017

By Charlotte Roehren (via The Diplomat)

With its growing international integration, China is becoming a major actor in global health issues. Beijing has valuable experience in fighting pandemics and in providing health and medical support to Africa. The G20 Summit in Hamburg will be an opportunity for China to step up its multilateral health engagement.


Time is running out for strategic patience with North Korea

20 April 2017

By Hanns W. Maull

Washington and Beijing have to accept that there can be no more business as usual in dealing with the Kim regime. The two principal actors in this crisis have to work towards political change in North Korea through a new regional order in East Asia.


China’s planned land reform: not enough to protect farmers from land grabs

18 April 2017

By Katharina Otte

Beijing wants to end excessive land grabs and evictions of Chinese farmers. But the planned reform of the land administration law does not remove the root causes of the problem: urbanization pressure and fiscal problems at the local level.


Trump-style tariffs against China would shoot U.S. in the foot

10 April 2017

By Max J. Zenglein

Punitive levies on Chinese imports would hurt American consumers and U.S. companies that are part of the global supply chain. At the same time, they would strengthen Beijing's resolve to speed up its quest for independence from foreign technology.


If Europe kicks addiction to U.S. security, China has to adjust to weaker dollar

04 April 2017

By Rolf J. Langhammer

A transatlantic shift in financial burden sharing within NATO would reverberate all the way to China. A weaker U.S. role in global security would lead to a weaker dollar – with serious consequences for China’s monetary policy and real economy.



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