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European Voices on China

In the Asia-Pacific, an unspoken “doctrine of mutual non-destabilisation”

19 February 2016

By Sebastian Heilmann

Prospects for crisis resolution in the Asia-Pacific are better than between Russia and the West. Despite abundant conflicts, none of the major powers in the region tries to actively destabilise the other – leaving room for informal compromise and ad-hoc arrangements to maintain peace.


China at the Munich Security Conference: hesitant involvement

18 February 2016

By Moritz Rudolf

China did not feature prominently at this year’s MSC. But the participation of Fu Ying, Chairwoman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National People’s Congress, in a panel discussion moderated by MERICS director Sebastian Heilmann made clear: China is willing to get involved, albeit hesitantly and according to its own rules.


Why China keeps a low profile in Munich

11 February 2016

By Moritz Rudolf

The Munich Security Conference so far mainly provides an opportunity to talk about China, but not with China. Europeans need to improve the channels to engage Asia and China in security dialogues.


The yuan: China’s problem, the world’s concern?

09 February 2016

By Rolf J. Langhammer

China’s leaders want to establish the yuan as a global asset and transaction currency. But this won’t work as long as exchange rates are driven by conflicting domestic policy targets rather than by global markets.


China needs to do more to shore up a fraying international order. Beijing is thinking about it.

09 February 2016

By Hanns W. Maull

The old world order – the Pax Americana - is falling apart. What does China think about all of this? Beijing realises that it needs to do more to maintain a reasonable minimum of international order – and that it needs to work with the United States towards that purpose.



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