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United: China’s generals stand behind Xi Jinping’s military overhaul

04 March 2016

By Nabil Alsabah

Rather than presiding over another round of double-digit growth in China’s military budget, President Xi Jinping wants to turn the world’s largest military into a truly modern armed force.


In Xi Jinping’s China, “four will do all fine”, but the “three must”

03 March 2016

By Kristin Shi-Kupfer

Like his predecessors, Xi Jinping has coined political terms to display visionary leadership. The evolution of these phrases provides a window into how political concepts are formed within the Party and how they are tested among the public.


Empowered or embattled? We don’t know what hexin means for Xi Jinping

03 March 2016

By Jessica Batke

Like many other fragments of information that trickle out of the black box of China’s leadership, the new usage of the term “hexin” could mean several different—opposing—things.


Time for Beijing to raise the stakes for Pyongyang

01 March 2016

By Hanns W. Maull

China has a huge stake in a peaceful transformation of North Korea, but it has so far shown little inclination to do something about it. Is this about to change?


Don’t rush into granting Market Economy Status to China

26 February 2016

By Jan Gaspers and Mikko Huotari

The economic and political costs of granting Market Economy Status (MES) to Beijing without extracting concessions in return would be too high. In addition to economic interests, political and strategic considerations should also guide the EU’s decision.



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