European Voices on China

Europe needs tougher response to China's state-led investments

10 June 2016

By Sebastian Heilmann

The surge of Chinese FDI in Europe poses a novel challenge to investment regimes and competition policy. Policymakers should take concrete steps to deal with China's aggressive outbound industrial and technology policies and to prevent market distortions by state-controlled investors.

This article was first published on the website of the Financial Times.


China can’t have first-class global innovation with political controls

09 June 2016

Interview with Arthur Kroeber

China will need economic and political reforms to keep up growth, says Arthur Kroeber of Gavecal Dragonomics, an independent research firm in Beijing. In this Podcast he argues that the transition to a new growth model won’t be possible without cutting back state-owned enterprises, restructuring financial markets, and promoting globally competitive innovation. “President Xi seems willing to sacrifice economic vitality to maintain political control.”


China’s rocky road to a high-income country

07 June 2016

By Rolf J. Langhammer

China has to introduce regional solidarity if it wants to become a high-income country. Fiscal redistribution could bridge the gap between rich and poor provinces.


Growth alone can’t conquer poverty in China

02 June 2016

By Matthias Stepan and Sebastian Heilmann

In times of slower growth, the Chinese government’s promise to abolish poverty in China by 2020 will be hard to keep. Beijing will have to actively support weak segments of society.


German style environmental policy implementation won't work in China

31 May 2016

By Ting Guan

China allows local governments a lot of say in implementing environmental policy. This system may lead to uneven outcomes, especially when compared to environmental pioneers like Germany. But in light of vast regional differences, ‘one size fits all environmental policy implementation’ will not work in China.


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