European Voices on China

Is censorship bad for business? How trade laws could break through China’s Great Firewall

22 April 2016

By George G. Chen

The US claims that China’s internet controls may violate the rules of global trade. This line of argument exposes a dilemma for China’s leaders who struggle to uphold an increasingly authoritarian system in an era of deepening international integration.


Press freedom: “China cannot impose draconian controls forever”

21 April 2016

Interview with Yuen-ying Chan/ Questions: Ruth Kirchner

Media freedom in China has suffered under president Xi Jinping, and Professor Yuen-ying Chan agrees that these are hard times for Chinese journalists. In our MERICS Podcast, the director of the Journalism and Media Studies Centre at Hongkong University also argues that independent journalism in China still exists.


Soccer: Xi Jinping's newest "China Dream"

20 April 2016

By Mirjam Meissner and Kristin Shi-Kupfer

China's grand plan to become a football superpower are in line with a long list of ambitions to become No. 1 in the world - and its leaders are likely to pursue it with the same determination.


The Mideast: a laboratory for US-EU maritime cooperation with China?

14 April 2016

By Christina Lin

As rising tensions in the South China Sea worry policymakers from Washington to Brussels, the US and the EU should seize the opportunity to cooperate with China in another part of the world. China’s growing role in the Mideast and its “One Belt, One Road” initiative could be a starting point for non-traditional maritime security cooperation.


Buyer beware: China’s risky commodity investments

11 April 2016

By Rolf J. Langhammer

A few years ago, Western countries feared that China’s forays into Africa would cut them off from commodities. In light of current low prices it looks as if China made a mistake when it secured access to resources through risky investments.


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