European Voices on China

Midea’s bid for Kuka: Is Germany’s Industry 4.0 for sale?

19 May 2016

By Jost Wübbeke

The Chinese bid for a substantial share of robotics maker Kuka is a serious dilemma for Germany. Chinese acquisitions of global leaders in high-end manufacturing risk hollowing out Germany’s Industry 4.0 strategy.


Why the EU should use the OSCE to engage China on security issues

17 May 2016

By Jan Gaspers and Mikko Huotari

China’s rise as a global player is forcing EU member states to rethink the way they pursue their security interests. The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), presently chaired by Germany, could become a valuable tool for engaging China on critical security challenges, particularly in Central Asia.


The legacy of the Cultural Revolution

13 May 2016

Interview with Daniel Leese

50 years after the start of the Cultural Revolution Xi Jinping tries to reconnect to China's Maoist heritage. But he won’t allow to mobilise the masses as Mao did, because he is afraid of losing control. Listen to Daniel Leese, professor of Chinese history at Freiburg University, in our MERICS Podcast.

Questions: Ruth Kirchner


Shrinking dollar reserves signal China’s growing global integration

11 May 2016

By Rolf J. Langhammer

Investors’ fears over China selling off its foreign currency reserves are short sighted. Rather than signalling an impending crisis, the development shows that China is now investing globally and that the yuan is on track to become an international currency.


Western NGOs in China: not trusted, but still needed

06 May 2016

By Bertram Lang

China’s decision to subject foreign NGOs to strict government control has triggered international outrage. But the Overseas NGO Law, while further narrowing the space for political engagement in China, is not primarily an attempt to shut China off from Western influences. Rather, it is part of a strategy to develop a domestic – and domesticated – non-profit sector.


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