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European Voices on China

How the Belt and Road Initiative globalizes China’s national security policy

15 November 2016

By Sabine Mokry

Chinese security policy experts use potential threats to BRI projects, such as recent terrorist attacks in Central Asia, to highlight the necessity of a globalized security posture.


China on Trump: between schadenfreude and uncertainty

11 November 2016

By Ruth Kirchner and Lea Shih

Donald Trump‘s election victory was met in China with a mixture of triumphalism and concern about the consequences. Trump’s win is seen as both, a victory for democracy and a symbol for the demise of the US.


One-way train from China to Central Europe

09 November 2016

By Michal Makocki

Central European countries vie to position themselves as transit hubs in China’s ambitious Eurasian trade corridors. The enthusiasm is tempered by concerns that the new transportation lines will ultimately increase the region’s trade deficit with China.


Off-budget financing in disguise: why PPPs can’t solve China’s fiscal problems

08 November 2016

By Anna Wang and Matthias Stepan

China struggles to rein in the accumulation of public sector debt at the provincial and municipal level through new financing vehicles. The promotion of public-private partnerships (PPPs) will not solve the problem as long as many of the “private” partners in such infrastructure funding projects are state-owned enterprises.


Why China relies on outsiders to get the inside story

02 November 2016

By George G. Chen and Kristin Shi-Kupfer

Chinese media consumers turn to overseas Chinese language websites for political news beyond Beijing’s propaganda. China’s leaders fear these outlets for their open reporting, but many use them to test political proposals or to leak information about intra-party rivals. The complex imbroglio is a result of the lack of press freedom and the opaqueness of Chinese politics.



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