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European Voices on China

Why the Chinese government should secure your smart toaster

01 November 2016

By Hauke Gierow

Cheap internet-connected devices made in China are becoming a major threat to global IT security. China will have to regulate the “Internet of Things” so that everyday household items cannot be used to launch cyber attacks.


EU struggles to build up ASEAN as a counterweight to China

26 October 2016

By Bertram Lang

European efforts to build up ASEAN as a strategic partner are thwarted by Beijing’s increasing economic and diplomatic influence on individual South East Asian governments.


China’s social security system: increasing equality, looming risks

25 October 2016

By Matthias Stepan

China has made impressive strides to increase the coverage of social policy programs like health insurance and old age pension plans. Yet slower economic growth and China's demographic challenges might make it difficult to continue the success story.


How China's rise contributes to polarization in the West

21 October 2016

By Mikko Huotari and Sebastian Heilmann

Several studies show the correlation between China’s growing impact on the world’s economies and political populism in the US and European societies.


China's service sector frailties may thwart key reforms

18 October 2016

By Max J. Zenglein

China’s leaders place high hopes on the vibrancy of the economy’s service sector, but in reality it has not been able to fill the void left by the decline of manufacturing. The inability of services to pick up the slack in turn creates a temptation for the government to delay overdue structural reforms while maintaining a reliance on investment-driven growth.



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