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China’s economic trajectory, with Bert Hofman and Jacob Gunter



After a decade in power, party and state leader Xi Jinping has fundamentally reshaped China’s political economy in pursuit of the Chinese Communist Party’s long-term goal: to return to a strong and prosperous China at the heart of the global economy. As the CCP approaches the 2023 Third Plenum, an event which will give important indications on the future of China’s economy, Christine Krüger is talking to Bert Hofman, Director of the East Asian Institute at the National University of Singapore, and Senior Associate Fellow at MERICS, and Jacob Gunter, Lead Analyst in the Economy program at MERICS.

Jacob is also the co-author with MERICS Chief Economist Max J. Zenglein of a new MERICS Report titled “The party knows best: aligning economic actors with China’s strategic goals” that analyzes the meaning of the fundamental shifts in China’s economic governance that are currently unfolding.

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