European China Policy Track 1.5 Workshop

10 - 11 Jun 2024

European Policy Centre
14-16 rue du Trône
1000 Brussels

We are delighted to announce the twelfth edition of the European China Policy Track 1.5 Workshop in Brussels. The event will again bring together senior officials from major EU countries, the EU Commission and leading European China experts from the think tank community. After sessions in Stockholm and Madrid in 2023, we continue to host Track 1.5 Workshop in the country holding the EU Council Presidency. 

Hosted by MERICS in Brussels on June 11/12, the workshop offers a venue for discussing and recalibrating European China policy at a time of major shifts – and right after the elections for the European Parliament. Discussions will be informed by brief, policy-oriented inputs and take place in a confidential and informal setting, allowing for open exchanges in a circle of trusted colleagues and peers.

Countries participating in the European China Policy Track 1.5 Workshop include France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain and Sweden. EU institutions are represented by the EEAS. Participation is on the level of head of policy planning and head of China desks as well as leading think tank experts from each country. Topics of discussion will include China’s domestic politics and economic trajectory, China-Russia relations, climate change and China’s role in the Middle East. 


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