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Frequently Asked Questions

MERICS Memberships

What is a MERICS Membership?

A MERICS Membership is tailored to companies and organizations who are interested in receiving privileged access to research products and events. MERICS Members have access to a comprehensive portfolio of regular publications, high-level briefings, digital- and on-site events.

We currently do not offer individual membership, therefore contracts are only concluded with corporate or public entities.

MERICS Members have access to the following products:

  • Weekly Briefs:  MERICS China Essentials, MERICS China Industries & MERICS Europe China 360° Brief
  • Quarterly reports: China Global Competition Tracker, China Security & Risk Tracker and Economic Indicators
  • Executive Memos: policy briefs on relevant topics
  • Monthly MERICS Members calls – briefings and discussions with MERICS experts on timely issues and our latest research
  • Workshops and conferences - invitations to exclusive events, such as confidential roundtables or our annual MERICS Members Day
  • Online resources - access to our archive of exclusive MERICS Members content and data via the “My Membership Area” section on our website.

How often are MERICS Membership products published?

On average, we publish the MERICS China Essentials bi-weekly and the MERICS Europe China 360° as well as the MERICS China Industries once a month each. The MERICS Trackers are published quarterly. 

How can I read the MERICS Membership publications?

If your organization is a MERICS Member, you can receive the publications via email or read them in the “Membership Area” section on our website. 

Can I download the briefs and trackers as a PDF?

You receive all publications via email, which mostly contain a PDF download link. In addition, you will also find a publication’s PDF version on our website after login.

Which languages are the publications published in?

All of our publications are in English. The MERICS China Essentials is available in German and English. 

Do you offer individual/academic discounts? 

We do not offer individual access (e.g. for students), however most of our publications remain free to read. If you have multiple colleagues in your organization who would like to receive our content, a Public or Corporate Membership may be an option.

Free products

How can I sign up for free information from the institute?

MERICS continues to offer a wide range of free publications and events, all advertised on our website. We are also happy to provide email news updates. Sign up here for our mailing list to receive the institute's monthly newsletter MERICS Update, the MERICS China Essentials and other notifications about upcoming publications.

Technical issues

I am not sure if I receive all emails.

To prevent our mailings from ending up in your spam folder, please add [email protected] to your email contacts. If you think you may be experiencing technical issues, please contact us at [email protected].

Didn’t find what you were looking for?

Please feel free to contact us directly.

For questions about the MERICS Membership, you can reach us at: [email protected].