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Science and technology at the NPC, with Barry Naughton and Jeroen Groenewegen-Lau



In this year’s government work report at the National People's Congress, the issue of science and technology was mentioned more often than any other. Why does the Chinese government put so much focus on science and technology? What does this mean for other pressing issues that the Communist Party is facing? And what does it mean for Europe and the United States? 

To discuss these questions Johannes Heller-John is joined by Barry Naughton and Jeroen Groenewegen-Lau. Barry Naughton is So Kwan Lok Chair of Chinese International Affairs at the School of Global Policy and Strategy UC San Diego and co-leading research on China’s science, technology, innovation, and industrial policy at the University of California Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation (IGCC). Jeroen Groenewegen-Lau is Head of Program of “Science, Technology and Innovation” at MERICS, and his research focuses on strategic emerging industries, research collaboration and tech transfers. 

MERICS and the IGCC are working together on China’s innovation ecosystem, which already led to a conference and a series of Policy Briefs on the issue.

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